China: GAC NE's new electric SUV can travel 600 km on a single charge

Chinese state-owned automaker GAC NE launched its new luxury smart pure-electric SUV, the Aion LX, at the Shanghai Auto Show on Tuesday. Zhang Fan, the company’s vice-director of research and development, said it is the «world's first electric SUV with a cruising range of more than 600 kms (373 miles) under the New European Driving Cycle standard.» He said it will also be the first SUV to carry... Еще the new «ADIGO autonomous driving system, which will be the world's first mass-produced autonomous SUV with the L3 class. And it will be the first to carry a solar-powered smart eco-cockpit.» Gu Huinan, the General Manager of GAC NE, which is the ‘new energy’ arm of the GAC Group, said that «the Aion LX is an SUV that integrates the latest technology. It accelerates from 0-100km in 3.9 seconds. GAC NE wants to make sports cars available to everyone.» The Chinese government has invested heavily in the electric car sector in a bid to make the country a global leader in the market. A recent imposition of sales targets and a reduction in subsidies for state-owned automakers like GAC NE means they are looking to create consumer-friendly models at a time when they are struggling for sales domestically.

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