China: Farmers turn to ancient wisdom to harvest the humble potato

A potato farm created as part of the 2019 International Horticultural exhibition in Beijing is harnessing the genius of the ancient Incas by using a formation of concentric circles to grow potato plants, as seen in footage filmed on Wednesday. The International Potato Centre (CIP) used 3,500 old tyres to imitate Peru's stair-like 'anden' terraces, in which they are currently growing four... Еще different types of potatoes. «Historically, Moray terraced fields have experimented with different varieties of potato crops using its different elevations to create different microclimates,» explained Lu Xiaoping, Deputy Director General of CIP China Centre for Asia and the Pacific. He continued that «in the historical background, modern environmental protection and waste recycling are added. So our design team used this concept, combining the old and the new and the traditional with the modern.» The archaeological site Moray, which the project derives its inspiration from, is believed to be South America's first agricultural research centre. The concentric terraces created 20 different microclimates, ideal for testing crop varieties. During the 160 days of the exhibition, the International Potato Centre plans to grow more than 10 types of potatoes.

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