China: Factory supplies made-to-measure sex robots to world of tastes

A factory in China`s Zhongshan is producing made-to-measure sex robots using AI technology catering to a world of different tastes, footage filmed Saturday shows. Factory owner Jiangxia Liu, explains, «Our customers from Japan prefer their sex dolls to be customized to celebrities or Japanese porn stars. Chinese customers prefer sex dolls that look cute and innocent. « The dolls come in 40... Еще different shapes and sizes and can make 260 different facial expressions. « You can communicate with our sex dolls when you get back home from work,» said Jiangxia Liu. «You can talk and interact with our sex dolls. By talking with our sex dolls, the dolls can offer our customers a spiritual companion.» The company, WM Doll, launched their sex doll range nearly two years. . The robots can respond to questions, hold simple conversations, and move their torsos, arms and eyes.

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