China: Epidemic prevention fair unmasks futuristic anti-COVID-19 technology

The Guangzhou International Epidemic-Prevention Material and Equipment Fair took place on Wednesday and Thursday, at the Poly World Trade centre. Companies flaunted some of the most cutting-edge technology in the planet's fight against a further spread of COVID-19 as well as preventing other future epidemics. The fair was not only the inaugural epidemic prevention fair, but it was also the first offline exhibition held in Guangzhou since the coronavirus outbreak began. Exhibitors mainly attended the fair to buy and sell PPE, however there were some high-tech companies with interesting technology on display. One of these exhibitors merged both PPE and technology to make a super-efficient mask making machine. «The efficiency of the machine means it can make up to 65 KN95 masks per minute,» explained a representative from the exhibition. Shenzhen Zhuoxian Intelligent Electronic Technology had an interesting piece on display that was the size of a smartphone and could instantly check a potential customer's temperature using infrared thermal imaging technology. «This one is called Hayman's infrared thermal imaging thermodetector with added face recognition. We can add ID card identification and swipe card identification to meet the requirements of customers. This is an eight-inch (20.32 cm) face recognition machine. It can work from a distance of 0 to 1.2 meters (47 inches), and it can measure temperature accurately,» explained a representative from Shenzhen Zhuoxian Intelligent Electronic Technology.

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