China: 'Efficiency has improved' — judge commends Hangzhou Internet Court

Presiding Judge at Hangzhou Internet Court, Jin Sha, commended the efficiency of the virtual court, speaking from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, on Wednesday. «Via the complete online hearing of cases, the efficiency has improved, which saves over 10 hours on average on each case and over 800 RMB of costs,» said Jin. She also noted that the hearing period «has decreased,» from «one to two months... Еще for each case on average» to «around 30 days.» Since the first Internet Court was established in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on August 2017, it has been mainly handling civil cases and some administrative lawsuits. Meanwhile, empowered by the electronic platform in the Internet Court, all litigation procedures can now be conducted online, for example, case filing and acceptance, court-referred mediation, proofing and examination of evidence. On Wednesday, Vice-President of the People's Supreme Judicial Court Li Shaoping released a White Paper on Chinese Internet Courts and Judiciary. The report showed that all three Internet courts have dealt with a total of 118,764 Internet-related disputes as of October 31, 2019, from which over 88,000 cases were closed.

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