China: Chinese students shed kilos to pass experimental weight-loss class

China's Nanjing Agricultural University has boasted results of its experimental weight-loss course, which it launched in a bid to tackle the growing obesity rate, footage filmed on its campus in Nanjing on Monday shows. According to physical education instructor Zhou Quanfu, who has initiated the course, only students with the Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 28 and body fat exceeding 30... Еще percent can sign up for the class. Zhou noted that students must also log everything they consume to a messaging platform WeChat, where they will be consulted by nutritionists, «Students can upload information about their food on the WeChat platform before consuming it in order to obtain the background analysis from nutritionists and then communicate with them.» Student Wang Qiuxiang, who has lost ten pounds (4,53 kilograms) since he started the class, said, «I am sure I won't be able to pass a normal sports class because of my weight, and I take the class to lose my weight.» Student Li Siyi noted that she «used to run 800 metres [2624,67] with a difficulty,» adding that «now it is easy for me.» The weight-loss course was initiated at the Nanjing Agricultural University following a finding that revealed that 13 percent of students in their first or second year were overweight.

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