China champions superpower-status in global cannabis market

Cannabis production is quietly but steadily flourishing in China's southwestern province of Yunnan, footage from Wednesday reveals. Yunnan farmers worked on the rows of plants in the fields and laboratory workers demonstrated how to turn the cuttings into dried hemp. China has surpassed the US in cannabis production and has become the world's leading grower and processor of hemp plants for... Еще industrial purposes. Farmers are able to make profit from the entire plant by selling the stems to textile factories, the leaves to pharmaceutical companies and the seeds to food companies. Yunnan has the largest diversity of plant life in China and hemp crops are thriving. Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa species that is grown specifically for industrial uses of its derived products. Factories in the province of Yunnan produce dried hemp as well as cannabis extracts. The production is done under great supervision as scientists control every step of the process.

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