China: Businessman in the sex doll industry displays his own personal collection

Zhang Bo works for the sex doll company called EX DOLL and he believes that there can be a connecting link between the doll's producers and consumers, as he keeps sex dolls himself, as shown by footage from his house in Dalian on Saturday. Right now there are four at his house, ranging from 10,000 yuan to over 70,000. One he keeps as a 'daughter', two as 'girlfriends' and one sex doll is... Еще borrowed from his friend. Zhang Bo believes that living with sex dolls is a way to show his freedom from societal norms that tell people when to get married and how to live their life. He treats his dolls very seriously and doesn’t tolerate it when disrespect is shown towards them. It all started for him in his teenage years. Chinese society is quite prudish, sex education is almost nonexistent, says Zhang Bo. He was being curious about girls, which led him to buying Japanese adult magazines and playing love simulator games. According to Zhang Bo, getting a sex doll was a natural progression from there. «Back in the day, my classmates all thought it was a joke. They'd say, 'If you bought one of these [dolls], your life will be sorted.' They all laughed about it, but I treated it seriously, and thought long and hard”, Zhang explained. He says that sex dolls are not incredible sex toys, which is what most of people assume, they are more like oversized barbies that can act like your companions. Zhang Bo explained that the sex dolls enabled him to make his own decisions and learn how to say ‘No’; «In the past, I've suffered from being unable to say 'No', listening to the opinions of others. I became someone else's doll.”

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