China: Briton charts life in coronavirus outbreak epicentre Wuhan

A UK national, Charlie Parker, has chosen to stay behind in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the centre of a novel coronavirus epidemic in Hubei Province. Mostly confined to his high-rise apartment building, Charlie talked about his day-to-day life in the city under lockdown on Thursday. «Day by day, I spend most of my days at home reading the news and trying to do some work but usually I take a... Еще bike out and have a ride around the quiet streets of the city if I have time,» said Charlie. The increasing number of the infected in the Chinese city has put a strain on Wuhan’s health care as even the newly-built hospitals are now full of patients. «They ran out of rooms in the newly-constructed hospitals so they have gone to turning hotels and things like stadiums into make-shift stadiums by putting beds inside for the extra patients,» said Charlie who later pointed out the whereabouts of the buildings from his building's rooftop. While London has announced the plans for a final flight to evacuate the UK nationals from Wuhan and the wider Hubei province, Charlie said he has decided to stay behind. «I do not wish to spend two weeks in quarantine in the UK and actually I do not feel I am personally at a risk.» More than 550 people have died and more than 28,000 have been confirmed infected by the novel virus which first originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan late last December. The city was put under lockdown on January 23, effectively locking millions inside the Hubei city.

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