China: Blue skies above Beijing as air pollution plummets due to virus slowdown

With over 80,000 cases confirmed of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout China, factory and transportation activities have declined, helping lead to a surprise relief in air pollution. Clear skies were seen Tuesday from the once-crowded Second and Third ring roads in Beijing. Chinese companies have gradually resumed work over the past two weeks, but many workers are remaining at home in... Еще order to avoid the further spread of the coronavirus. Recent NASA satellite images show what the US space agency describes as 'significant decreases' in air pollution over China. NASA attributes this in part to the economic slowdown amid the coronavirus outbreak. According to Mr. Zhu, a Didi driver in Beijing, the number of orders he has received from the app have dropped to 1-2 per hour during off-peak times. Mr. Teng, a Beijing citizen, thinks the air quality always improves during springtime and that traffic is not the main cause of pollution in the city. «There are barely smog days during springtime. I don't think it is about the virus epidemic,» he said. However, with fewer cars on the streets, the traffic is noticeably running more smoothly.

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