China: Blast mark and blood outside US embassy in Beijing after explosion

Blood stains and a dusty, scattered marking were left on the tarmac just outside the gates of the US embassy in Beijing on Thursday, following a blast earlier in the day. Groups of spectators and journalists gathered at the scene, which had earlier been cordoned off by police, before the commotion died down. According to the US embassy, a bomb was detonated outside of the building at about... Еще 13:00 local time (05:00 GMT). Officials added that police responded to the blast. Following the incident, the police released a statement that a ‘firework device’ exploded outside of the US embassy, injuring the suspect. Local media has also cited that a woman was taken away after spraying herself with petrol earlier in the day, in what appeared to be a self-immolation attempt. These reports remain unconfirmed, and it has not been said whether the event was connected to the reported explosion.

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