China: Beijing urges US to refrain from provocation as trade talks begin

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Lu Kang urged the US to «create a good atmosphere» for governmental trade talks and refrain from any provocations, after reiterating its protest against a US navy vessel sailing through the disputed South China Sea, during a press conference in Beijing on Monday. Kang insisted that the incident, which happened on January 7, when a US guided... Еще-missile destroyer sailed near the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, violated international law. «China is firmly against the relevant behaviour of the US. We urge the US to stop the act of provoking immediately,» he said. Commenting on the ongoing trade talks between Chinese and US officials in Beijing, Kang said that «China would like to solve the economic and trade frictions on the base of equality and respect.» He added that Chinese government was always convinced that «the trade war is not good for both sides, or even for the rest of the world.»

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