China: Beijing says Trump puts party interests above those of US

A spokesperson for the Minister of Foreign Affairs said Friday in Beijing that Donald Trump puts «partisan and personal interest above US national interests,» rebuking Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. On Thursday, President Trump said American businesses would leave China if he is re-elected and China would «own» America if Joe Biden wins November’s election. «In the globalised era, the perverse practise of going against the voluntary will of the vast business community, forcibly scrapping existing cooperation between countries, and coercing companies with regard to their normal investment and operation runs counter to the law of market economy and will eventually lead to self-harm. Such unpopular moves have been and will continue to be rejected and resisted by visionary people in China and the US,» said Zhao Lijian in a press conference. Lijian added that China is «committed to developing a bilateral relationship featuring no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation.» The spokesman also said Beijing wouldn't comment on Japanese PM Shinzo Abe's resignation, considering it «internal matters of Japan.»

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