China: Beijing 'not afraid to fight trade wars' — FM spox. over US tariffs

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang urged the United States to stop «harming» trade and to «return to rationality,» after President Donald Trump threatened to impose a 10 percent tariff on $200 billion (€173 billion) of Chinese goods, during a press conference in Beijing, Tuesday. Shuang said that the US position is «too black and white» and its only purpose is «to cover up their... Еще unilateralism and protectionist practices». He stated: «It has once again provoked a trade war, harming the interests of people and enterprises in China and the United States, and harming the interests of people all over the world. China does not want to fight trade wars, but it is not afraid to fight trade wars. We will continue to take effective measures to resolutely defend national interests and the interests of the people, and resolutely defend economic globalization and the multilateral trading system.» «We advise the US to return to rationality and stop people from doing anything against their own interests. This is the way out,» added Shuang. The ministry spokesperson also spoke about North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un's visit to China, which started today, and hoped that «this visit will help further deepen China-DPRK relations, strengthen strategic communications between the two sides on major issues, and promote regional peace and stability.» As for Russia's proposal to drop unilateral sanctions against North Korea, Shuang clarified that «China's consistent opposition to the implementation of so-called unilateral sanctions outside the UN Security Council framework is very clear.»

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