China: Beijing locals comment on impact of Biden's win on US relations

After the US presidential race concluded with Joe Biden emerging victorious, Beijing locals reflected on the possible effects of his election on China-US relations on Sunday. «I don't think there will be any good improvement in the two countries' relations. Because after all, the current sanctions imposed by the United States on China should be a trend of their whole country,» said a local referring to the multitude of sanctions Washington had imposed on Beijing during the presidency of Donald Trump. Others were indifferent while some expressed hope the countries' relations were headed for better days with Biden at the helm. «After the election of a new president, my hope is getting higher because I feel that China-US relations will return to the previous policy, and it may be better,» said a local. Others shared interesting views on the incumbent Trump with one saying, «Trump's ideas are so advanced that no one can figure him out.»

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