China: Beijing denounces US threats to ban WeChat and warns of countermeasures

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian decried US threats to ban the Chinese social media service WeChat from the United States and said countermeasures may follow, whilst speaking in the Chinese capital on Thursday. «People from China say if the US bans WeChat, they could stop using Apple products. Some politicians abuse the national force to unreasonably crackdown non-US companies with the excuse of national security,» explained Zhao Lijian, adding the US «pirate-like moves» will be rejected by the international community. At the presser, Zhao accused the US of using double standards to advance their own economic benefit in the global free market. «They also tread on the international rules and ruin the communication and cooperation in globally technological creation,» he added. Earlier this month, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order that would see WeChat, along with Tik Tok, Huawei, and other Chinese companies banned from operating in the US if they are not sold by their Chinese parent companies.

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