China: Beijing calls for 'closely integrated' relationship with US

Former Vice Minister of Finance and state council advisor Guangyao Zhu requested better ties between the US and China in Beijing on Thursday. He said that the current relationship between the two countries, both economically and generally, were close, as the «result of the efforts from the people from both sides,» but warned that the responsibility should be more balanced. The relationship between the countries has appeared strained recently, with US President Donald Trump blaming much of the coronavirus crisis on Beijing, by accusing them of a cover up, and criticising as inadequate the release of information at the beginning of the pandemic. Zhu defended the current 'one country, two systems' approach to Hong Kong, saying it «fits with the interests of the world, including the US,» especially relating to «the massive trade surplus in Hong Kong.» He urged the US not to interfere with Hong Kong, «which is safeguarded by the Basic Law.»

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