China: Academic says violence in Hong Kong close to 'terrorism'

An academic at a Chinese State Council Information Office briefing said recent violence at Hong Kong's airport was «close to terrorism.» He made the comments in Beijing on Thursday. «The violence in Hong Kong is moving forward towards terrorism, if you don't take any necessary action to stop it,» said Shanghai Institute for International Studies academic Zhang Jian. Renmin University academic... Еще Han Dayuan accused the United States of being behind the recent protests in Hong Kong, and accused its «agencies» of «actively» supporting the activists. Protests have been taking place in Hong Kong since the end of March. Demonstrators are calling for the total withdrawal of a suspended bill that would allow for the extradition of the city's residents to mainland China for trials. They also want Hong Kong's chief executive Carrie Lam to resign and police actions during protests to be investigated.

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