China: 10,000 kites fly high in breezy Weifang festival

Over 10,000 kites filled the skies on Saturday during the opening ceremony of the Weifang International Kite Festival, in Shangdong Province. Some 2,000 participants from all over the world flew kites of all colours and forms. The clear blue sky was filled with fishes, cows, monkeys, teddy bears, Chinese dragons and traditional kites. «It's like a sort of exercise for me and it also makes the... Еще city famous. It is so fun, especially when you meet someone who flies the same kite as yours», said kite player Ning Zhang. «It has a very special atmosphere, I like it because there is space to fly kites, a lot of kites to see, that i have never seen in my life from other kite players. It's a very social atmosphere», added George. Weifang is the birthplace of kites and it celebrates the festival since 1984. It is the biggest kite festival in the world.

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