Chim Chim Cher-ee Spiderman sweep is entertaining as can be

A man who cleans chimneys dressed up as Spiderman in the southern Chilean town of Osorno explained on Monday how he decided to give a superhero touch to his business to entertain children. When Rolando Gonzalez started cleaning chimneys he discovered kids would stare at him all day long and thought about ways to spin his new profession for the better. He remembered he had a Spiderman suit at... Еще home and decided to dust it off. It was a sweeping success. «I put on my suit and climbed on the roof as Spiderman, and then I realized that the children liked it very much,” explains Ronaldo. But it is not all soot and superheroes. Once Ronaldo has finished cleaning the clogged chimneys of Chile, he gives a talk to his web of new fans about fire safety. “I give a talk to the children about self-care in relation to wood stoves, so that they don’t get close to combustions, so they don’t burn their hands,” he added.

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