Chile: Police seize 3,000 litres of counterfeit alcohol gel from illegal factory in Santiago

Chile's investigative police (PDI) seized nearly 3,000 litres of adulterated alcohol gel on Wednesday, which would be falsely marketed amid high demand during the coronavirus outbreak. Footage shows hundreds of containers of the product in different bottles, many imitating popular brands that have sold out during panic over the COVID-19 pandemic. «What was being offered was a type of alcohol gel... Еще that doesn't have the characteristics, at all, that could really serve to protect people in terms of cleanliness,» said Jaime Ansieta, a detective from Chile's PDI unit. Ansieta added that the seized product also could not protect people from a possible spread of COVID-19. So far, Chilean authorities have confirmed 238 cases of coronavirus, with much of the country remaining in lockdown. Earlier on Wednesday, President Sebastián Pinera declared a state of catastrophe for the entire country.

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