Chile: Pinera condemns 'excessive use of force' and 'abuses' after weeks of deadly protests

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera condemned police actions during weeks of unrest, addressing the nation in Santiago on Sunday. «Unfortunately and despite the strong commitment and all the precautions we took, not only the government, but also our military to protect human rights of all, in some cases the protocols were not respected and there was an excessive use of force, abuses or crimes were... Еще committed and no human rights were respected. I would like to express my solidarity and condolences to the victims of this violence,» stressed the president. Pinera added that the country «will move towards a new constitution, the first elaborated in full democracy and accepted and respected by all.» The current wave of demonstrations, considered to be the largest in decades, was sparked by the now-suspended metro fare hike. The demonstrations have since evolved into a movement with wider grievances against the rising cost of living, pension reform and police conduct during demonstrations. Mandatory credit: Presidencia de Chile Mandatory credit: Presidencia de Chile

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