Chile: Outrage over dropped investigation into Colonia Dignidad sect doctor

Lawyers, relatives and survivors of the former Nazi German settlement in Chile, Colonia Dignidad, voiced their outrage over the decision of German prosecutors to drop investigations into the sect's doctor Hartmut Hopp, in a series of interviews recorded in Santiago on Friday. Hopp was accused of sexually and physically child abuse, besides participating in assassinations of opponents to the... Еще Chilean regime. German prosecutors, responsible for the investigation since Hopp fled to Germany to avoid prison, announced earlier this week that the investigations would be stopped. Hernan Fernandez Rojas, a lawyer representing some of the victims, criticised the decision. «with negligence, what they do is protect the criminals, so it is a shame. I say it directly to the state to have such incompetent prosecutors, so indifferent and with such little knowledge of their duty and their functions, who release a 'dark hero of the crime', that being Hartmut Hopp,» said the lawyer. Jacqueline Pacheco, mother of one child abused in the Colony, said not to understand how the investigation could be ended. «After everything that has happened, what was here, how he escaped, because he left the country from here, so I do not understand how the German justice did nothing, it suited them better than what was happening, because they were Germans, Nazis, so I do not understand. Where is German justice?» she asked. Winfried Hempel, lawyer for some of the victims and survivor of the Colonia guaranteed that his «colleagues in Germany will appeal against that decision, and they will request once and for all that the German prosecutor's office take all measures, question the victims, question witnesses, and do their job properly.» Hartmut Hopp, worked as a doctor in the clinic within the Colonia, and was the right-hand man of for former Nazi soldier Paul Schafer, founder of Colonia Dignidad in 1961. Chile convicted Hopp for complicity in child sex abuse committed by Schafer, but he managed to escape to Germany before being imprisoned. At the time, the German prosecutors said evidence was not enough to uphold the ruling, but continued their investigations until earlier this week, when it was brought to end for supposed lack of evidence. Hopp denies any involvement in the crimes committed at Colonia. According to estimates, thousands of people were reportedly sexually abused over 30 years before a series of lawsuits were brought against Schafer in 1997. He fled to Argentina and was arrested in 2005, before being sentenced to 33 years in prison on charges of the sexual abuse of children. He died in jail in 2010.

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