Chile: Mystery renewed — Experts scratch long-believed cancer as Pablo Neruda’s cause of death

Experts concluded that Chilean poet Pablo Neruda did not die of prostate cancer as had long been believed, implying the involvement of the third parties, in a press conference in Santiago, Friday. The panel of national and foreign experts released the results on the death of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, stating that in the body of the poet was found a toxin that will now be investigated to... Еще conclude if it was a bacteria grown in a laboratory. «What is absolutely true, 100%, that the certificate [death] does not reflect the reality of the death,» said Spanish expert Aurelio Luna. Neruda's Nephew Rodolfo Reyes addressed the press saying, «Today it is not the lyrics of Neruda that speak to us, it is his body who has spoken for the world to listen.» Neruda died in 1973 after he was hospitalised with cancer. He was then returned home when he suspected a doctor of injecting him with an unknown substance and died several hours after this suspected injection.

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