Chile: COVID-enforced racing hiatus puts horses at risk of the slaughterhouse

Horses at racecourses across Chile could be put down due to a lack of races because of the coronavirus pandemic.

 Many of the animals, accustomed to constant activity and movement that they no longer enjoy, have become ill and carers fear that they will have to be slaughtered due to a lack of financial resources to look after them.
 Miguel Gonzalez, president of the carers union of the racecourse of Chile, said at a stables in Santiago on Wednesday that “the horse is an athlete, the horse does its training in the morning because the horse cannot be without movement, if the horse is without movement, it suffers from colic and dies; the horse can not be confined.»

 Horse racing in Chile is going through a serious crisis after being stopped for two months due to the pandemic. According to riders and carers unions, as well as racecourse entrepreneurs, in Chile around 30,000 people live on the income generated by horse racing.

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