Chile: Accordion player serenades quarantined parents through window

Gonzalo Acuna, a musician from the Chilean town of Hualpen, has taken it into his own hands to help his parents battle the blues amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Acuna arrives to his parents home every day to play his accordion for them outside their house, fully respecting the rules of the lockdown while helping to lift the spirits of his parents. Acuna's parents, enjoying their favourite... Еще melodies, dance in front of the window facing their son playing to brighten their isolation. Gonzalo commented on the little ritual becoming something of a sweet tradition in Acuna family on Sunday. «I really enjoy so much watching them dance and I really like the accordion so here several beautiful things have met,» he said. Acuna explained that he could not leave his mother and father alone as the family always had a very warm relationship, and says he feels «privileged» to have such parents. Due to imposed restrictions, Gonzalo has to speak with his parents through the closed window, sharing with them the news about himself and taking care of the old couple's bills. As of Sunday, Chile has reported over 2,100 cases and at least seven deaths of the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier on Thursday, the Chilean government declared a state of emergency with schools and non-essential businesses ordered to close.

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