Catalan president: We have won the right to an independent state

Today, after this day characterised by the dignity of millions of people, who actually made it possible, Catalonia has won its Sovereignty and respect. The Catalan institutions have the right to respect and implement what today their citizens have decided, and honour it [their decision] with their fidelity the commitment to build collectively a free State, a peaceful and democratic one.» “We... Еще have won the right to an independent state, built as a republic,’ Catalan President Carles Puigdemont said in a statement in Barcelona, Sunday, following a disputed referendum plagued by violence and protests. “Today thousands of people, mobilised facing all kinds of difficulties and threats, you have spoken out loud and sent a message to the world: we have the right to decide our future,” he said. According to Catalan officials, 90% of voters backed independence from Spain. The Spanish government deemed the ballot illegal and Spanish police officers used force in an attempt to stop the vote.


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