Cancer survivor gets massive tattoo of doctor who cured him

A 31-year-old cancer survivor had his doctor’s face tattooed on his back as a mark of gratitude after being cured of the disease. He showed off the image, which depicts his doctor next to the hospital he works at, in the city of Cordoba on Thursday. In 2017, Bernardo Salguero was diagnosed with cancer in the town of Alejo Ledesma. After this life-altering event, he was referred to Doctor Paul... Еще Lada in Cordobo, who took over his treatment at the Hospital de Clinicas medical centre. After a year and half of treatment, involving chemotherapy, radiotherapy and an operation, Salguero was finally cured of cancer. As a gesture of gratitude, he had his doctor’s face tattooed on his back. Although most patients might give their doctor flowers or presents, Salguero explained that he wanted to do something a bit different. «The truth is that the hospital and above all, the doctor, mean a lot to me, and that is why I carry them on my back, being forever grateful to them. Today they are among the most treasured things on Earth for me,» he said. Doctor Land said it went far beyond anything any other patient had done. «For us, not only was the tattoo recognition of myself, but also of all the people who are behind me which really is a very large group, among them are oncologists, surgeons, and the people in charge of colostomy,» he said.

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