Canada: 'We're happy Liberals got minority' — Quebec reacts to Trudeau victory

Quebec voters reacted to Canada's election results in Montreal on Tuesday, after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was re-elected despite his Liberal part losing their majority. «We're happy the Liberals got a minority, that's for sure. We would've liked for it to be another party, but it is what it is,» said Justine Semur. «I think it's going to be better because there's going to be a competition... Еще with the opposition, which is very close to conservative,» Matiew Belloch said, pointing out the Parti Quebecois would also have more power in Ottawa. Trudeau's re-election campaign was marred with controversy as multiple incidents surfaced of him wearing 'blackface' make-up or outfits critics say were racially insensitive. The Liberal Party secured 338 seats in the Parliament falling short of a majority. Trudeau will now have to form a coalition.

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