Canada: Trudeau announces compensation for families of Iran plane crash

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada will give 25,000 Canadian dollars (19,122 US dollars) to families of the downed Ukrainian jetliner victims, to assist them with their 'immediate needs.' The comment came as Trudeau was meeting the press in Ottawa, on Friday. The Canadian Prime Minister confirmed that families of 57 citizens and 29 permanent residents of Canada will... Еще receive the money for funerals and travel. «This is a unique and unprecedented situation because of the international sanctions placed on Iran and the difficulties that that imposes on these families,» he said. Trudeau also made clear that he expects Tehran to provide full compensation to the victims, which «should come from Iran in due course.» All 176 passengers and crew died as the aircraft was shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile soon after takeoff in Tehran, on January 8. Mandatory credit: Justin Trudeau — Prime Minister of Canada Mandatory credit: Justin Trudeau — Prime Minister of Canada

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