Canada: Scientists brew world’s first cannabis beer

Scientists in a small Toronto laboratory are developing the world’s first beer brewed from cannabis in a bid to capitalise on the country’s legalisation of the drug later this year, footage filmed Tuesday shows. From October 17 this year, Canada will become the second country in the world to legalise marijuana for recreational use, creating a boom for local entrepreneurs. One year later... Еще, edibles are also expected to become legal leading to a surge in cannabis-infused products including beer and cocktails. Dooma Wendschuh is the co-founder and CEO of Province Brands, a Toronto startup investing $38 million in what will be the world’s first cannabis brewery. He said, “We felt like brewing this beer was something that had to be done. For generations alcohol has had a monopoly as the only psychoactive for social and leisure activities and with the legalisation of cannabis there was an opportunity to create for the first time ever a safer and healthier alternative to alcohol and if you are going to that what better format than a beer. “

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