Canada: 'No grounds whatsoever' — FM Freeland on Russia joining G7

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland that “there are no grounds whatsoever in bringing Russia back to the G7,” as she spoke ina press conference in Charlevoix on Friday. Her comments came after US President Donald Trump suggested that Russia be re-admitted in the summit. “Russia, however, made clear that it had no interest in behaving according to the rules of western democracies... Еще, and it made it very clear with the invasion of Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, the continued support for the war in eastern Ukraine and continued attacks on our democracies, not least of which was the recent attack in Salisbury. So Canada's position is absolutely clear, that there are no ground whatsoever in bringing Russia, with its current behaviour, back into the G7”, stated Freeland. In 2014, Russia was expelled from the group of major industrialised nations when Western nations accused it of interfering in the Ukrainian conflict.

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