Canada: Albertans call for independence at Calgary 'Wexit' rally

Residents of the Western Canadian province of Alberta attended a Wexit party rally in Calgary on Saturday, a new Canadian political party calling for Alberta to leave Canada and hoping to inspire other western provinces to join. «30 per cent of Albertans have said that they are ready to separate today. The reality is that Justin Trudeau is swearing in a new cabinet on November the 20th, that is... Еще going to be a pro-Green cabinet, it's going to hurt us even more, all the parties that are supporting him now, they want to regulate us more, they want to hit us with carbon taxes that kills our industry to transfer the wealth from western Canada to eastern Canada,» said Wexit Alberta Leader Peter Downing. He later added that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “is going to be the number one salesman of Alberta's separation, western Canada's separation, watch those numbers skyrocket even further.» Roland Melzer, one of the attendees of the event, explained his reasons for supporting Albertan independence, saying «we're just basically a colony of eastern Canada is how I feel about it, and I am just sick and tired of feeling like that. I have always been a proud Canadian, but that has really waned right now, and I don't think that will ever come back for me.» Earlier in November, the party's application to become a federal political party was filed with Elections Canada.

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