Can they kick it? — Nizhny Novgorod football players try out Valenki boots

A football match with players wearing Valenki boots instead of the usual sports shoes, took place in the Russian city of Bor, Nizhny Novgorod Region, in a training centre built for the World Cup 2018, Sunday. Nizhny Novgorod journalists were playing with students, including international ones, in traditional Russian boots called Valenki. The players confessed that it was a hard experience as... Еще they were not really used to running in the Valenki boots. «The fact is it is warm to play in Valenki, but very uncomfortable, and most importantly, that in snowdrift they always try to fly off,» said one of the players. The game consisted of two 15 minutes halves, with the final score of 4:1 in favour of the students. After the final whistle, all the players had a photo together, hugged and received memorable gifts from the organisers.

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