CAN-ettone? Buy a Christmas Panettone for your pooch at this bakery

SOT, Journalist (Italian): «How much did you spend?» SOT, Customer (Italian): «36 euro» 'Doggye Bag', a bakery that sells luxury food for dogs, opened in Brescia on Saturday. The bakery sells birthday cakes, cookies in a range of different flavours and a large selection of sweets such as a Christmas Panettone, renamed 'Can-ettone.' The owner of the bakery Marco Platto stated «the project... Еще derives from an unconditional love for pets.» He stressed they believe dogs «have the right to eat in an alternative way, too.» Although many people consider the bakery over the top, with one passerby stating, «dogs have to live as dogs, not with sweets,» many customers queued to buy presents for their pets.

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