Cameroon: MPs stop parliament session over Anglophone crisis

Parliamentarians of Cameroon's leading opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) drew a parliamentary session in Yaounde to a halt on Thursday, as they demanded the house debate the issue of the 'Anglophone crisis'. SFD lawmakers sang and chanted slogans decrying the ruling Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (CPDM) and their president, Paul Biya's, who they claim is responsible for a number of... Еще fatal attacks. SDF Parliamentary Group leader Josep Benadzem claimed that «parliament should ensure that the crisis in this country is resolved.» «We cannot be talking about settlement bills and ratification bills when the north-west and south-west are in total crisis», he said. The crisis in Cameroon's English speaking regions is ongoing, as lawyers, teachers, students and other civil society groups accuse Biya and the central government of discriminating against Anglophones. Citizens from across these regions have requested independence from Cameroon, arguing that they have been marginalised by the dominant Francophone areas of the country. The incumbent government assured that the unity of the country is non-negotiable.

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