Cameroon: Demos held after police kill pro-Anglophone independence protesters

Riot police shot dead at least 15 protesters according to reports, during pro-independence demonstrations across the English-speaking regions of Cameroon on Sunday. The unrest erupted on the 56th anniversary of the unification of British and French territories in the west-central African country. A protest was held in Banguem, against the killings and in support of the independence movement... Еще. The protesters demonstrated against the country's Francophone-dominant government and perceived discrimination against English speakers in the former British territory. The country was initially colonised by Germany but divided up between the British and French after World War One. One protester gave a clear message; «Let them liberate the people. The people want to be liberated. An Englishman is a gentleman. We are asking for gentility. We don’t want war. We are asking for our liberation.»

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