Cambodia: Remaining Westerdam cruise ship passengers cleared to disembark in Sihanoukville

The remaining 233 passengers on-board the MS Westerdam cruise ship were allowed to disembark in Sihanoukville on Wednesday after testing positive for COVID-19, five days after evacuation proceedings began. Footage filmed from the ship shows passengers waiting to leave the vessel as the cruise owner Orlando Ashford arrived on site to greet them. A helicopter flying towards the cruise ship before... Еще landing can also be spotted. The MS Westerdam had over 2,000 passengers, with no reported cases of coronavirus. It was turned away from docking in Japan, the Philippines, Guam, Taiwan, and Thailand, from where it was escorted by the Thai Navy through the Gulf of Thailand to Cambodia. The US ship departed Hong Kong with over 1,450 passengers and 802 crew on February 1. Not all passengers had been cleared from having the deadly coronavirus until recently, drawing concerns that people may be asymptomatic after having been in Hong Kong during the incubation period. Around 74,000 people have been infected with coronavirus in China alone with more than 600 cases declared in over 25 other countries, including Germany, the UK and the US. Three deaths have been confirmed outside China; in Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

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