Butchering art? Calligrapher uses meat cleaver to letter

W/S Calligrapher removes extra ink from the knive, preparing to draw C/U First stroke on paper with the cleaver M/S Calligrapher continuing the stroke M/S Calligrapher continuing the stroke (other angle) C/U Calligrapher’s face as he’s looking at his work M/S Calligrapher draws a long stroke with the cleaver W/S Calligrapher working as people around are watching C/U Calligrapher... Еще writing small characters with the edge of a cleaver C/U A set of knives used to draw M/S Drawing made with the cleaver C/U Calligrapher puts his knife into ink W/S Calligrapher prepares to draw M/S Long stroke C/U Calligrapher puts smaller knife’s handle into ink M/S Calligrapher draws smaller characters W/S Face of a calligrapher as he draws M/S Drawing small characters M/S Calligrapher’s utencils Chinese calligrapher Huang Pufang from Puyang in Henan province chops out some fine art using chef’s cleavers to draw, footage shows Friday. He said: “I created a brand new way to do calligraphy with knife. It is not easy because knives don’t absorb ink, which gives it a different feeling. You have to organise every stroke in your mind before putting anything on paper.” Huang carefully removing excess ink from the cleaver as he paints his work in this ancient art form.

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