Bulgaria: Thousands of anti-govt. protesters gather 12th day in Sofia

Thousands of people gathered for the 12th day of anti-government protests in Sofia on Monday. Crowds gathered early in front of the Bulgarian Parliament, holding signs, Bulgarian flags and chanting «resignation,» asking for Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov's government to step down over corruption allegations and Ivan Geshev to step away as the leader of the prosecutor's office. Demonstrators with flares and Bulgarian flags could be seen marching in front of the Bulgarian Parliament. «The only people with an interest in the status quo are they. The only people without the interest in the status quo are we. Because they are stealing from us,» said Nikolay Hadhigenov, lawyer and organiser of the protest. A no-confidence vote against the government was expected to take place on Monday, July 20, but was postponed to Tuesday. Earlier this month, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev demanded the resignation of the government and the end to the «mafia way of ruling» during a televised address. His comments came as tensions escalated in the country after two of the president's aides were arrested in a police raid at Radev's headquarters.

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