Bulgaria: Nationalists commemorate liberation from Ottomans

Nationalists from various Bulgarian cities participated in the annual meeting commemorating the liberation of the country form Ottoman rule, in Stara Zagora on Tuesday. Footage shows dozens of participants with Bulgarian flags taking part in a wreath-laying ceremony. «All of us here are proud patriots and nationalists and we will not forget every Bulgarian who gave his life and blood so... Еще that we can be proud Bulgarians today. We bow our heads in their honour and we fight for a better Bulgaria,» said Nikola Chukalov, one of the participants. «The current migrant crisis is a kind of pressure created by the Turks and coming from Erdogan. He is blackmailing Bulgaria and other EU countries. As we all know, those migrants are not the result of a war. The war is in Syria and the people that are coming are Pakistanis, Afghans and all sorts of others,» he further added. The event was organised by a patriotic organisation called «Defender,» together with the far-right Bulgarian National Union under the slogan «Fidelity, Honour, Glory.» The annual celebration was reportedly met with a last-minute ban by authorities this year who, due to the coronavirus threat, asked the participants not to make a procession but rather to gather in a park instead.

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