Bulgaria: Man interrogated over presenter's murder

SOT, journalist (Bulgarian): «Is he Bulgarian?» SOT, Teodor Atanasov, Director of Ruse Police Department (Bulgarian): «He is Romanian with Ukrainian origins, at the moment we are trying to clarify his alibi. I can't give you more details for now.» SOT, journalist (Bulgarian): «Is there suspect?» SOT, Teodor Atanasov, Director of Ruse Police Department (Bulgarian): «At the moment we don't... Еще have official dates and facts to be announced. Thanks for your attention. Have a good evening!”. SOT, journalist (Bulgarian): «Tell us more about the Romanian?» SOT, Teodor Atanasov, Director of Ruse Police Department (Bulgarian): «The Romanian citizen is about to be released.” A man was questioned over the killing of Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova in Ruse on Tuesday. A police spokesperson said the man was freed without charge. He was described as a Romanian citizen of Ukrainian descent. Rumiana Arnaudova, a representative of the Bulgarian chief prosecutor, arrived in Ruse on Tuesday afternoon. She did not give a comment to the press. Meanwhile, civil patrols joined the police in the search of evidence at the crime scene. The 30-year-old TV anchor, who in the week before her murder had reported on an investigation into alleged corruption by local politicians and businessmen involving EU funds, was found raped and murdered in a park in Ruse, near the river Danube, on Saturday. It is still unclear whether the murder is related to Marinova's journalistic work.

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