Brussels: Authorities hand out iodine pills in case of nuclear meltdown

Authorities instructed pharmacies to distribute iodine tablets for free as a precautionary measure against potential nuclear disasters starting on Tuesday, as shown in footage filmed in the Belgian capital of Brussels. A pharmacist in the city has already given away 70 packs. «I live about ten kilometres away from a nuclear plant, if it is going to blow up, it's going to blow up and this isn't... Еще going to save my life,» a Brussels resident said. Many have expressed concerns with Belgium's aging nuclear plants Tihange and Doel, which are both over 40 years old. Recent incidents may have caused authorities to widen the scope of Iodine pills free distribution from 30 kilometres (18 miles) from nuclear sites to 100 kilometres (62 miles). Iodine pills are believed to be effective against radiation and cancer caused by radioactive substances.

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