Breast idea ever? German artist turns BREAST MILK into jewellery

Fashionista moms can now purchase keepsakes of their breastfeeding days from an artist in Niedernwohren, Germany, who has made a business of turning breast milk into fancy jewellery. According to the desginer, the idea isn't a new one. She herself had ordered a piece of jewellery from the US, made from breast milk, for her daughter. However it didn't meet her expectations, and she then decided... Еще to find a new method of production. «I started experimenting for a few months and eventually I figured out the right method, how to make it look its best. First I offered it to my acquaintances, and eventually on Facebook, and through word of mouth, as often is the case with small ideas, it got bigger,» said Marsha Wortmann, the producer. The items looks just like regular jewellery, so no one can actually guess what they are made of. «Since the jewellery, when stored correctly, lasts for a very, very, very long time many feel that it is a nice gift for a child once it has grown up. It looks like normal jewellery so it can be worn on a daily basis,» Wortmann stated.

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