Brazil: Workers' Party candidate Haddad votes in presidential elections

For us [the Workers` Party] it is good because it is the time we have to show the population, clarify the difference between the candidates is like water and wine. It is another Brazil, a Brazil that we dream of for the Brazilian people. A democratic Brazil with social justice, social inclusion, as Lula says, the people eating three times a day, with education, science, technology, as we... Еще were experiencing under Lula and Dilma [Former Brazilian presidents from the Workers` party]. The Workers' Party (PT) candidate Fernando Haddad cast his vote in the Brazilian general election at a school in Sao Paulo on Sunday. According to the latest polling, Haddad is projected to come second in with 25 percent of the vote, 15 points behind the front-runner Jair Bolsonaro of the far-right Social Liberal Party. In the likely event that no candidate wins an outright majority in the first round of voting, a runoff poll between the two top candidates is scheduled for October 28. Haddad was initially only the running mate of former President Lula da Silva (PT), but was promoted to the top of the ticket after Lula's candidacy was barred by the courts.

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