Brazil: Truck drivers' strike leads to fuel shortages in Sao Paulo

Truck drivers across Brazil continued their strike over rising diesel prices for the fourth day on Thursday, which led to fuel shortages, queues and blocked roads, footage filmed in Sao Paulo shows. Cars can be seen queuing up for petrol at gas stations. One driver, Renato Salgado, explained the problems he encountered refuelling his car. «It's very difficult, I went to six different gas... Еще stations and they were all without gas and now I'm in the line and hope whenever it's my turn there will be some, because it could run out before it's my time,» Salgado said. Another driver, Volvique Soares, was sympathetic to the truckers' situation, stating: «I feel the strike is fair, they pay lots of taxes and I feel solidarity with them, their situation is not easy, we, the workers, know how the tax problem in Brazil is, and it's all very complicated right now.»

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