Brazil: Smoke from Pantanal fires blankets city of Cuiaba

Aerial footage captured on Wednesday of the city of Cuiaba, exposes the extent of the damage caused by the fires in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. The state capital appears to be shrouded in smog and smoke, with a severe reduction in visibility over the skyline, following devastating fires that have destroyed large portions of the wetlands. One of the residents, Marco Antonio, accused humans of being behind the cause of the fires. «[There are] a lot of fires, a lot of smoke, many of them caused by human beings. It's damaging everyone here in this city. After one pandemic, [we have] a second one, that is the smoke, damaging people, causing more deaths and respiratory disorders,'' Antonio said, after the southern state declared a state of emergency on Monday. The fires have reportedly destroyed 1.4 million hectares of vegetation in the region since the beginning of the year. The fires have completely upset the biodiversity in the region, and many animals have died as a result.

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