Brazil: Sao Paolo rallies for national military intervention

M/S Protesters chanting and carrying Brazilian flags W/S Protesters on balcony with Brazilian flags W/S Protesters chanting W/S Protesters with anarchist flags W/S Protester with banner asking for military intervention M/S Police C/U Protester with Brazilian flag on head M/S Protester chanting Protesters took the streets of Sao Paolo on Saturday demanding the government extend Rio... Еще de Janeiro`s military intervention to the whole country. “We want order in our country, we want to take these corrupt politicians out of power, to put order, order and progress. Our country is broken, our country is being dominated by gangs, and by criminal factions. We are Brazilian, we need to defend our Brazil, it is God, homeland and family,” said one protester. “The country is bleeding, we want the armed forces to take urgent account of our country, because with this government we won’t go very far, so we are calling people to go to the streets, to fight for our country, so that this country is neither Venezuela nor Cuba,” said another one. On February 16, President Michel Temer authorized a federal military intervention in Rio de Janeiro that will last until December 31 of this year.

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