Brazil: Plastic surgeon arrested following death of butt implant patient

Plastic surgeon Dr. Denis Furtado was sent to prison in Rio de Janeiro on Friday, after being arrested in connection with the death of a patient. Dr. Furtado was arrested on Thursday after being on the run for four days, following the death of patient Lilian Calixto. Calixto fell ill on Saturday after Furtado gave her injections to enlarge her buttocks, during an operation in his apartment... Еще. According to the police, Furtado took Calixto to a hospital where she died some hours later. Known as 'Dr. Bumbum' on social media, Furtado is facing murder charges. Footage shows him being transported to prison, from a police station in Rio de Janeiro’s Barra da Tijuca neighbourhood, on Friday. The Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society have maintained that Furtado was not trained as a plastic surgeon. They also criticised the use of the buttock-enhancing chemical (PMMA), which Furtado had lauded in a social media post earlier in July. Furtado's mother, Maria de Fatima Barros Furtado, was also arrested on complicity charges.

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