Brazil: Neo-liberal policy causes 'regress' in Latin America — former President Dilma Rousseff

SOT, Dilma Rousseff, former President of Brazil (Portuguese): “You know, since Lula’s presidency, the government has focused our policy on pursuing the decrease of inequality in Brazil and, first of all, — the poverty and famine rates’ decrease. I think that we, the government under President Lula and under my leadership, achieved an important goal: we have removed Brazil from the UN’s “hunger map... Еще” in 2014. Thanks to political strategies which we had been applying since 2003, we have managed to remove step-by-step Brazil from “the hunger map.” What is the difference between our political strategies and the neo-liberal ones which were pursued in Brazil before us? The social policy will be efficient in such a country as Brazil with its 208 million citizens, with a huge percent of people below the poverty line, and, crucially, a huge number of people living in poverty only when it serves the welfare of millions. For instance, the “Bolsa Familia” programme deals with a policy aimed at enhancing the life level of 56 million people — specifically this number of the Brazilians lacked resources to nourish their children. The State social insurance financial rate in Brazil is one of the highest in the World, after all we are the fifth, sixth or seventh largest economy in the World. Therefore, we possess huge resources to finance the social insurance. But what do they want to do? They intend to change the system in this sector, overturn the State social insurance and make it private in alignment with the schemes used in many other developed countries. Here they failed to achieve it. And what is going on today? They have to keep afloat all that regress which they themselves caused and go further in this direction since they have not fulfilled all their neo-liberal plans so far. And what do we see at the end of the day? They have made Lula a criminal. Systematic crisis across all the institutions hits the country. There are disagreements in the judiciary, the executive power is at odds with the legislature and judiciary. The chaos has struck the functioning of the country’s institutions, but we are fighting against it, and you know why? Because we are true democrats — we are, not they. People say that we…” SOT, Rafael Correa, former President of Ecuador (Spanish): “Are really honest people. Because, currently, the issue of countering the corruption is used as a tool of a political persecution.” SOT, Dilma Rousseff, former President of Brazil (Portuguese): “Furthermore, they have started to apply “the criminal law against enemies.” It means that the proceedings and the legislature are aimed at defeating an enemy. But who is the enemy? We are being considered an internal enemy. In Brazil a poor man or black man have always been considered the enemy. The poor and black would be main enemies. They used to be torched, arrested, turned into the lowest class without rights. We started to reverse the situation. And still there is a lot to do: we need to reallocate the revenue in the country, implement the tax reform, do away with the oligopoly of the media and banks, with that they control different spheres of life. Do you know what we have to do? We have to expand democracy in all respects, we have to take part in all trials, to gather, to take to the streets. That is exactly what we are doing — we are staging manifestations. The left should struggle for strengthening democracy. But what is going on right now? Why have people who believed at the beginning in the story the media were telling them and who were staging protests against us stopped to stage something similar? Why are people increasingly changing? Because they learnt the lesson following the loss. They learnt the lesson having lost their rights. You know it is much easier to reallocate the income rather than create the system responsible for the income’s reallocation which could provide the access to services. The awareness of the fact that people

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